Nexweave Explainer Video

Nexweave brings together the power of content personalization and interactivity to turn your data and content into a Nexweave experience. With Nexweave, organizations can create millions of 1:1 personalized & interactive experiences for a variety of use cases such as customer acquisition, upselling, remarketing, employee training and so much more.

2020  |  SAAS  |  Explainer Video
Once the concept was approved, our primary focus was to create and launch the videos within 3 weeks; design and animation included. Upon finalizing each section of the video, it was sent to the client for approval. We make sure to keep the client looped in at every decision so there are no unexpected surprises. ​​​​​​​
This was our software workflow -
Create human characters & Backgrounds - Adobe Illustrator 
Character Animation - Adobe After Effects.
Post Production, Editing, Sound Effects took - Adobe Premier Pro.

We are experts in the Adobe Creative Suite which provides us to produce everything.
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