Futurity First Medicare Explainer Video

Workout with Friends

Futurity First is a Life Insurance and Medicare business in the US and we’re looking for a video that showcases how they provide value to their valued customer base.

Project Information

Client – Futurity First Group

Target Audience¬†–¬† Personnel above 60

Project Outcome


Connecting with their target audience has been difficult on social media and wanted to visually showcase what they do. So this video was meant for the medicare agent to personally showcase to prospective clients and to use on social media.


We built a lovely animated video for Futurity Group. We’ve created a mascot, an elderly woman who needs medicare services as she just turned 65 years of age. She is surrounded by her friends and family and has difficulty in selecting the right medicare plan.
Futurity First assists her in selecting the correct plan and keeping the requirements in place and now she’s having a super happy and worry-free life because of it.
This story is faced universally by millions of Americans and medicare agents are well placed to help them out during their times of need.

Screenshots of the Video