Incentivist Explainer Video

Digital Gifting just became Easier!

Incentivist is a web-based product that helps you to send digital gift cards quickly & easily to your customers via email.

Project Information

Client – Haven Insights Pvt. Ltd.

Duration – 60s

Target Audience – People trying to send digital gift cards

Distribution Channels – Social Media, Homepage, Email Blast.

Project Outcome


Haven Insights approached The Flo Studio to strategize, design an animated explainer video that showcases how the platform helped companies create digital gift cards for their customers and share them via email within a single platform. This video is targeted towards those digital companies who will be using this product.


Neil was very happy with the output and we had very minor revisions on the video. Our variations were successfully used in his marketing campaign and it has led to significant adoption of users.


Increase in Conversions


Over the first week of video upload

“Fast turnaround, and applied his creative eye in accord with my instructions. Aditya has great intuition, and his product has already helped us win more business. Couldn’t be happier with the result. Painless process, powerful video. I recommend 100%.”

Nick FreilingCEO, PeopleFish & Haven Insights

Get a quick view into our scripting process

Email Correspondence is vital to share quick updates at any stage of the project.

Scriptwriting is all done in Google Sheets where it’s easy for all team members including the client to jump in and make any technical corrections or give their feedback.

Our Brief Process

Storyboarding & Concept

The project started off with intensive, research and discovery in the digital gift card space. We studies the UX of the product and went through a test demo to understand how the client experience was. From our learning, we were able to conclude that in order to be effective this has to be a completely promotional video. We went off to create a straightforward script that focused on ease of use.

Animation Process

We got started right away! Our primary focus was to create and launch the videos within 2 weeks; design and animation included. Upon finalizing each section of the video, it was sent to the client for approval. We make sure to keep the client looped in at every decision so there are no unexpected surprises. We’ve opted for a 60fps for buttery smooth animation and minimal transition & text animations

Final Handoff

We ended up making multiple versions of the video to make sure the video could be flexibly used across platforms and devices. We made a square version of the video with the subtitles burned in the lower half of the video which ensured that even for platforms without audio “Facebook wink” could be used flexibly.