Profitmetrics Explainer Video

Know your Profits in Real Time! is a profit optimization tool developed to empower eCommerce businesses to unlock next-level growth. Business owners. Keep track of your profits in Google & Facebook Ads in real-time.

Project Information

Client – Frederick Boyson (CEO of Profitmetrics)

Target Audience¬†–¬† Ecommerce Companies who run Facebook/Google Ads

Distribution Channels РSocial Media, Homepage, Email Blast, Pitch Video

Project Outcome


I was approached by the founder of Profitmetrics to create a fun explainer animated video for them. It’s an E-commerce tool to help you make smarter campaign decisions. ProfitMetrics lets you optimize your advertising after Profit instead of turnover!
This was a highly technical tool and they needed an engaging animated video to show how it helps e-commerce owners increase their profitability.


We actually created 2 versions of the animated video. One is a longer more technical video that has a deep dive into the profit calculations part of it and the one above is a shorter more “easily digestible” video for mass appeal. here are some of the screenshots of the animated video!

Get a quick view into our design process

Here is a rough sketch that we had created during the storyboarding process and the end illustration which we’ve brought to life in the video.