School Choice Wisconsin Animated Videos

2020  |  Education  |  Explainer Video
Project Objective
The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP), created with bipartisan support in 1990, now provides education options to almost 30,000 students in Wisconsin’s largest city. They wanted us to make 4 animated videos to challenge 4 myths which are well known in the society and informing them to help them make better choices. 

Client – School Choice Wisconsin & Jared Krawczyk 
Target Audience –  Parents & Students

Breaking Myths - Private Schools in parental choice programs don't have to 
publically report their data.

Myth: Private schools in the Parental Choice Programs do not have to publicly report their data. 
Truth: Student Information Systems are required for every publicly-funded student in Wisconsin. Student Information Systems (SIS) are school-based computer systems that collect the same, testing data, attendance data, graduation rate, demographic data and more for both public school students and private school students on a voucher. 
Breaking Myths - Private Schools in parental choice programs manually select and choose their students.

Myth: Private schools in the Parental Choice Programs get to pick and choose their students. 

Truth: Private schools must accept all students when space is available. When more students apply than space allows, seats are allocated by a random lottery. (Only public schools are allowed to administer tests as part of the application process)
Breaking Myths - Private Schools going towards religious school is in violation of the separation of church and state.

Myth: Public dollars should not flow to religious schools – separation of church and state.

Truth: This argument went before the both the Supreme Court of Wisconsin and the United States Supreme Court. Both courts found no violation of the constitution for public dollars, directed by parents, ending up in private, religious schools.
Breaking Myths - Private Schools that receive public dollars are subject to open meetings and open record laws.

Myth: Because private schools receive public dollars, they should be subject to open meetings and open records law.

Truth: Only entities that levy taxes and have the ability to issue public bonds are subject to open meetings and open records laws.
Once the concept was approved, our primary focus was to create and launch the videos within 5 weeks; design and animation included. Upon finalizing each section of the video, it was sent to the client for approval. We make sure to keep the client looped in at every decision so there are no unexpected surprises. 

This was our software workflow -

Create human characters & Backgrounds - Adobe Illustrator 
Character Animation - Adobe After Effects.
Post Production, Editing, Sound Effects took - Adobe Premier Pro.

We are completely experts in the Adobe Creative Suite which provides us to produce everything.
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