Project Objective
TAB (Train Any Buddy) hired us to create an animated explainer video for them. We chose a protagonist who is trying to hit the gym but his own laziness. TAB has an application based solution for them as they help him find verified trainers who can work out with at his convenience and find workout buddies which will motivate him to work out.

Target Audience
1. Working Professionals
2. Athletes
3. Students
4. Travelers who wish to maintain their fitness on-the-go.

User Research & Scripting
The project started off with an intensive, research and discovery sprint. This included understanding the current target audiences, how trainers are operating in today's digital ecosystem and how fitness app aggregators were present in the market. 

From our learning we were able to conclude with a few clear pain points and user needs . A well thought out script & storyboard was prepared for the video. Me and the founders sat across the table to craft something which would accomplish the project objectives while making sure the video is light on details and heavy on providing value. This is why our research is fairly important.
Visual Aesthetics & Storyboarding​​​​​​​
Once we had the script approved, we went on to create the storyboard. We knew from our early discussion that we needed to make a colourful video. The TAB logo was fairly simple so we had complete creative liberty to create something which was unique to the video. 
Once the storyboard was approved, our primary focus was to create and launch the videos within 2 weeks; design and animation included. Upon finalizing each section of the video, it was sent to the client for approval. We make sure to keep the client looped in at every decision so there are no unexpected surprises. 

This was our software deck during every aspect of the project. We are experts in the Adobe Creative Cloud as shown below-
Create human characters & Backgrounds – Adobe Illustrator 
Character Animation – Adobe After Effects
Post Production, Editing, Sound Effects – Adobe Premier Pro.

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