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Animated Explainer Videos works. There’s a reason why it works so well. Most of our clients see a 30% uptick in terms of conversions on the homepage CTA. As experts it’s we’re happy to know that our medium works, but it’s equally important to know WHY it works.
1. Uses gives more attention to a casual language
Saas developers can understand what a customer needs, but not their language and what excites them. Animated explainer videos use casual language to present Saas products before users. Casual language is more understandable to customers than geeky tech descriptions or tutorials. Explainer videos can bridge the gap between a Saas company and its users.
2. Reduced attention span of users
Users of this century don’t have the patience to go through a long tutorial or user manual on how to use a product. A 45 -second animated explainer video explaining how to use the product or how the Saas product can help solve the problems of users will be very effective. It is a known fact that the human brain can process visual information 6000 times faster than text. Also learning with videos has proven to give better results.
3. Users like to watch engaging videos
Video ads are very common and boring to watch. This tends to make users just skip those ads, But animated explainer videos even though it contains promotional content, gives information, shares stories & is teaching how to use a particular product. Users find those videos more valuable, it is like learning about a new thing. It brings excitement and curiosity to know what it is or how it works
4. Learning is a mix of visual and verbal mediums
When you combine visual and verbal learning, you create a highly effective combo that increases the communicational power of your content. This is why videos are so useful, and explainer videos merge all of that with charming visuals and a clear message, which have a strong effect on the human brain.
5. Accessibility
Videos can be viewed across a multitude of devices from cellphones to tablet, to computers to televisions. It’s the one platform that can be accessed from devices of all hierarchies. Explainer Videos can be retrofitted to perform and look good on all those platforms so it feels native.