3 Ways to Effective Healthcare Animated Videos
Healthcare content is tough. Any content especially educational has to be simple, informative, highly visual as the subject matter is fairly complicated. The ability to simplify subjects and minimize topics is crucial. I’ve learned a lot over my career regarding what audiences respond best to, and what they’d rather not see. Any topic, no matter the complexity or sensitivity, can be distilled into a simple video that resonates with its audience.
Here are some of the things we keep in mind when producing healthcare video content for our clients.
Understanding your Audience
Patient audiences often include not only patients, but also their friends, family, and caregivers who are looking out for them throughout their healthcare journey.
This is a still of a video that we had produced for a medicare agent. This directly resonates with their target audience of 55+
Before we make the video we ask and understand who exactly is going to be teaching the video w& who will be making their medical decisions. We ask. You should ideally have answers to the following questions
Who is the product/service for?
What is their age/gender?
Are they the decision-maker? (If not, this applies to the decision-maker)
Where will they be consuming the video?
How will they reach out to you?
What's the fastest way they can reach out to you? How can we make it easier? ( Ex Having a button pop up after the video)

Understanding Reservations
Let’s face it—sometimes even just getting a vaccine can make people queasy. . When it comes to patient education, you need to consider that whatever procedure you’re describing is about the benefit of the patient and how their reservations will be taken care of. Even if the procedure is a common one, simply learning about it can be difficult but can make their decision easy.
For this reason, we often avoid showing invasive tools on screen in patient-focused videos. Our voiceover artists speak with a reassuring tone and the video is built in such a way which is crucial to reassure the patient that the showcased service/procedure is important but easy.
Impeccable Character Design
Characters are a great way to make medical topics relatable and can easily connect viewers. For patient-focused concepts, more detailed characters can be comforting. It allows them to see themselves, or people they care about, in the video. They play a massive role in how they react at the end of the video.
We craft our characters impeccably, from their emotions to their clothes, their age, our backgrounds are super lively colorful. Once we know who our audience is, our team can make fantastic art that will take your views on a journey to get them the action they need to take to get better with YOU.
See how characters look and feel after they have the solution to their problems. Good Character design is imperative to connect with your target audience
BONUS POINT - Call to Action
The Call to Action is the last frame of the video which prompts the viewer to commit to an action. The actions could be -
Call X Number
Visit X Website
Download X App
Imagine this last frame as the scene from Avengers Endgame, where all the heroes arrive for the fight. The music swells up, the visuals are gorgeous and they only have one thing to do - Assemble. That is what a CTA should feel like. The entire video has been leading up to it. Here are some of the stills of CTAs of our videos, see how impactful they can be.
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