Our Process

We help you achieve amazing things with video. Whether you want to increase sales, build brand awareness, or educate your audience – Here's how we create the video content to help you do it!

The Brief & Kick-off Call
We’ll ask you first to fill out some info about your company and product. Then, we’ll set up an online meeting to get to know your brand and specific needs for the video. 
The Script
We craft a script that delivers the right message in a clear and compelling way based on your target audience and marketing goals. Our video production creative team puts their heads together for nailing the right concept which is then fleshed out into a full script. The key is to present the message in the simplest, most comprehensive manner to your target audience.
The Storyboard + Voiceover
We craft a storyboard (which is similar to a comic book) that will showcase the main actions that will take place in the video. Style frames (art design of the character and some scenes) are also created so you can see how the explainer video will play out. We’ll work with extremely talented voice artists to bring our script to life as per the required language/accent. 
The Animation
Here is where we bring the characters and graphic assets to life.
We then proceed to add some background music and sound effects to make it perfect. We take your custom assets and illustrations and add our magic. When illustrations go alive and turn into eye-catching animated video, we share them with you. It is time to make suggestions and comments on the outcome so that we can improve the video to make it even more suitable for your business.
Your Video is done!
Let’s celebrate by grabbing a cup of coffee or maybe some wine.
Why not? We deserve it after all!
 Let’s talk. 
Getting your Video Seen
The next step is to get it in front of your target audience.  We can help you with the following
Video Rollout Strategy
Dedicated Video Hosting Solutions
Multiple Versions of the VIdeo ( Portrait, 1:1 )
Multiple Video languages ( Voiceovers, Subtitles )
Multiple Video CTAs (Call to Actions/Endings)
A/B Testing
Further Work & Revisions
If, for instance, you approve a deliverable but later in the process want to make changes to it, this may result in a little extra fee. Minor Revisions will be done free of charge! Therefore, we recommend that you get consolidated feedback from all parties involved in the review process at each stage. This helps to streamline the overall process.
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