SAAS Animated Videos - Connecting the User & SAAS
You’ve gathered a team of computer engineers to develop software for your SaaS. They are highly skilled, and they develop functional, smooth, and gorgeous software for you. But once your software launches, the crowd isn’t cheering for you. There isn’t even a single pair of hands clapping to welcome your software to the market. And you’re wondering… why is nobody signing up for my software?
Because nobody really understands how it works, what it does, and what good it will do should one decide to use it. That’s where a SAAS explainer video functions as a bridge between you and your audience. Show them the bridge and they’ll cross it on their own. Why?

1. It’s Narrated with Simple Language
As a SaaS company, not everyone is familiar with how your software products work or why they would need your software in the first place. You have several features to make your software better than your competitors’. You need to tell your audience about these features. Unfortunately for you, it's difficult to understand technical developers’ language. Explainer videos use casual language that’s easier for most people to understand, which acts like a bridge that connects your company to your audience.
2. SAAS Explainer Videos isn't Advertising in Nature
Generally, people tend to avoid any kind of advertising video. As soon as that “skip this ad” button appears on YouTube, they click it. (I know you do, too.) Compared to common marketing, which usually only brags about how good a product or service is, explainer videos are more informative and valuable.
3. SAAS Explainer Videos are Versatile
For SaaS companies, explainer clips can be used in multiple spaces, like your website’s landing page, your Facebook page, or YouTube channel. Not only will they give a sprinkle of color to your previously dull-looking fan page, but they will also leave a positive impression about your apps and contribute to your website SEO. See below a version of the above video which can be used on Facebook, Instagram, or cell phone.
Explainer Videos Save Time
Imagine explaining what you do within 60seconds! See this video here explaining how the app works within 15. SaaS users want to know why they should use your software and how to do so. Instead of reading a 10-step tutorial on how to use the software, a video is highly favorable in comparison to explanatory texts. The human brain is hardwired to process visual information 60 thousand times faster than text. Research has also proven that video improves learning results.
Engages SEO & Search Presence
As a SaaS company, you’ve got to have a strong online presence. Your video’s thumbnail being present in search engine results is more likely to get people’s attention. 80% of the top keywords now have rich media in their search results. It also shows that search results with rich media elements outperform results without rich media.
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