CoachVantage is a product built to streamline operations for Coaches, Mentors, and Educators. Glen, the founder has built this incredible platform and has been helping coaches simplify and streamline their businesses!

CoachVantage Explainer Animated Video
Project Kickoff
To kick off the project, we sat with Glen(The founder of Coachvantage) to better understand what problem he was trying to solve, what his vision was. For us it's important to understand where the client sits ad how his vision will look. We're all different and have different ideas.
To better illustrate the problem sets we set out to solve, we went ahead and did some research. We put together a user story on the current situation of our target market. 

What were the pain points? 
What was the current process of solving it? 
How does CoachVantage solve their specific problems?
Research & Analytics
Understanding how CoachVantage served it's userbase, I created a rough outline of the story, visual references, elements and how we would showcase the product accurately. First I focused on defining the high level story & the scripting to make sure the flows and architecture of the video was correct. This allows us to eliminate as much back and forth as possible. Business owners don’t have time to fiddle around with interfaces. Do the thinking, give them what they want in the right places.
Storyboarding & Animation Process
Once the story line and the reference visuals were approved, I started the animation process. That’s where we found a balance between the confident color scheme with the lighter and more friendly iconography and illustrations. I sent Glen a rough cut of the video. Once we were both happy with the direction, I moved onto adding as much detail and magic to the creative. We delivered a horizontal version and a square version with the subtitles burned in! 
The Result
Glen was extremely happy with the final video as it showcased how our character was using the application to streamline their workflow. He immediately used the video on the homepage of his website and had the video displayed on all of his customer touch-points up.

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