GarbleCloud SAAS Animated Video
2022 |  Promotional  |  Animated Explainer Video & Walkthrough Video
As The Flo Studios, a leading provider of high-performing 2D animated explainer videos, we were approached by The VIP Life to create an engaging video that effectively communicates their unique value proposition and drives conversions on their Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Client – Garble Cloud
Target Audience –  Organizations & Startups
Scripting & Art Direction - Aditya Golechha
3D Animation & Sound Design - The Flo Studio
Software Used - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D & Adobe Premier Pro
The Problem
 In today's digital landscape, organizations worldwide rely heavily on cloud-based platforms like Google Workspace to store and manage their critical data. However, this convenience comes with significant security concerns. Businesses face the ongoing challenge of protecting their sensitive information from intentional breaches, accidental leaks, data exfiltration, and the ever-present threat of ransomware attacks. 

GarbleCloud secures Google Workspace, making files more resilient against intentional and accidental breaches, data exfiltration, and ransomware attacks. Simple and easy data encryption with no software downloads or installation required. They required 2 videos to easily showcase how the platform worked and showcase its benefits. 
SAAS Animated Video
Our first animated video provides a clear and concise overview of how GarbleCloud functions. Through engaging visuals and easy-to-understand narration, we break down the complexities of data encryption and security into a user-friendly format. We highlight how GarbleCloud seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, demonstrating its effectiveness in making files more resilient against intentional and accidental breaches, data exfiltration, and ransomware attacks.
Walkthrough Video
 Our second animated video is a walkthrough guide specifically tailored for clients. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to leverage GarbleCloud effectively within their Google Workspace environment. Through a visually engaging narrative, we showcase how clients can use GarbleCloud to enhance their data security effortlessly. This video serves as a valuable resource, ensuring that clients can harness the full potential of our SAAS tool without any confusion or uncertainty.
The Result
We provide an accessible, engaging, and educational resource to help organizations understand the functionality of GarbleCloud and guide clients through its implementation. With our animated videos, we empower businesses to protect their valuable data with simple and easy data encryption, eliminating the need for software downloads or complex installations. Here are the key results achieved: -

Increased Engagement: The video achieved a high engagement rate, with a significant number of views and Increased conversions on GarbleCloud's homepage.
Reduced Bounce Rate: The video successfully decreased the bounce rate on the homepage of GarbleCloud.
Positive Feedback: The video received overwhelmingly positive feedback it's viewers and prospective users. We do clarity really, really well.

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