Sketchology Studios 3D Video
2022  |  Promotional |  Explainer Video
The Problem 
Sketchology Studios specialize in crafting 3D Animated Videos for Technology products in the medial and bio-medical space. They wanted a marketing video to promote their video animation services to their target audience specially biotech companies. They wishes to create a story about how companies who invest in visual design wins. They initially approached us to create a mix of 2D & 3D Animation to convey how startups can better communicate their services.

Client – Sketchology Studios
Target Audience –  Bio-medical Companies
Script - Sketchology Studios
Art Direction - Aditya Golechha
3D Animation & Sound Design - The Flo Studio
Softwares Used - Adobe Photoshop, Blender & Adobe Premier Pro
The Solution
We came up with an idea to create a complete 3D world where we can showcase how startups can use Sketchology's services to communicate better with their prospective users or during pitch competitions. Our clients had given a rough storyboard which we expanded upon. 

We custom crated all the characters in the video within Blender and our main source of inspiration was to create a Disney-esque character with wide large eyes and a symmetrical body structure. We crafted a character called Riya who was our African american medical professional who can be seen in her lab coat in our high resolution renders below.
The Story
So our clients had given us a rough story about how a scientist is trying to pitch to her investors in a visual manner to win their hearts. So we expanded on it and showed how investing in a visual medium leads to winning in the digital world. 

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