Course Finder Explainer Video

Krishna Consultants approached The Flo Studio to strategize, design an animated explainer video which showcases how the platform helped students and their vendors. The goal was simple, we wanted to introduce a new experience for the customers to understand that was seamless, smart and short.  My role was to lead the design and animation processes. 

Student Video
We created a video for students where we showcase them how easy it is for students to find relevant courses from 750+ universities across the globe according to their preferences. We had to achieve this objective in a very colorful and attractive way. So we rated an avatar where we showcased his [primary pain points and how Course Finder solves them.
Vendor Video
We created another video for "vendors" who were on the other side of the equation. In this version "Educational Consultants and Partners" who help students and guides them to the correct university were our primary viewers. This was to showcase how this tool will help them in guiding their students better.
User Research & Scripting
The project started off with an intensive, research and discovery sprint. This included everything from desk research, student interviews to data analysis. All the learning were compiled and presented back to the business. From our learning we were able to conclude with a few clear pain points and user needs . A well thought out script & storyboard was prepared for both the videos that was approved with minor revisions required. This is why our research is fairly important.
Once we had the script approved, we went on to create the storyboard. We knew from our early discussion that we needed to make a colourful video.The colour theory for the video was inspired by their logo. We have consistently used it across both the videos to maintain visual consistency.
There was no time to waste. Our primary focus was to create and launch both the videos a within 4 weeks; design and animation included. Upon finalizing each section of the video, it was sent to the client for approval. We make sure to keep the client looped in at every decision so there are no unexpected surprises. 

We create human characters for both the videos on Adobe Illustrator and animated them wonderfully using Adobe After Effects. Then the post production, editing,  adding background score and sound effects took place on Adobe Premier Pro
Social Media Friendly
We ended up making multiple versions of the video to make sure the video could be flexibly used across platforms and devices. We made a square version of the video with the subtitles burned in the lower half of the video which ensured that even for platforms without audio "Facebook wink" could be used flexibly. 

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