VIP Life Animated Video
2019  |  Promotional  |  Animated Explainer Video
As The Flo Studios, a leading provider of high-performing 2D animated explainer videos, we were approached by The VIP Life to create an engaging video that effectively communicates their unique value proposition and drives conversions on their Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Client – The VIP Life ( Daniel Clarke)
Target Audience –  Ambitious Couples
Script - The Flo Studio
Art Direction - Aditya Golechha
3D Animation & Sound Design - The Flo Studio
Softwares Used - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premier Pro
The Solution
 We began by thoroughly understanding The VIP Life's brand, target audience, and key selling points. Through collaboration with their team, we developed a creative concepts that relied on simplified but elegant graphics would effectively convey the brand's luxury and exclusivity, while highlighting the benefits of becoming a member.
The Solutions
The VIP Life's explainer video by The Flo Studios proved to be a powerful marketing tool, exceeding the client's expectations. Here are the key results achieved: -

Increased Engagement: The video achieved a high engagement rate, with a significant number of views, likes, comments, and shares on The VIP Life's Facebook page. 
Improved Conversions: The video successfully drove conversions, with a notable increase in sign-ups for The VIP Life membership. 
Positive Feedback: The video received overwhelmingly positive feedback from The VIP Life's target audience. 
Enhanced Brand Image: The video played a crucial role in enhancing The VIP Life's brand image as a leading provider of luxury lifestyle experiences. 

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